Här hittar du samlade nyheter från ARX:

MSX 32s

>> ARX MSX 32s feature in new Helsinki Cathedral Installation.

>> Sony Broadcasting install ARX MSX 32s into 2 new HD O.B TRUCKS

>> Thomson Grass Valley install ARX MSX 32s into new Sudney Ultimo

>> Thomson Grass Valley installing ARX MSX 32Es into Adelaide ABC Studios

>> ARX’s MSX 32 N Power’ s World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos

>> NHL takes in ARX’s MSX 32



>> Thomson Grass Valley install ARX MXS 8s into new Nationwide Digital Newsrooms

>> ARX MSX8s provide Studio Solution for new ABC H.D TV Channel



>> Curtin University interfaces with USB DIs

>> USB DIs Grand Slam the web

>> ARX’s USB DI’s in paradise

>> ARX’s USB DI’s all the Buzz in Vanuatu

>> Gearhouse gears up with ARX’s USB DIs




>> CBS News London interface with ARX USB-DI VC Digital to Analogue Direct Box

>> Production and engineering firm VPC Inc have added USB DI VCs to their ARX inventory


MSX 48

>> MSX 48s prove very WICKED

>> MSX 48’s feature at 2010 South Asian games

>> Malaysia goes Bananas for MSX 48s

>> ARX on Tour with Foreigner

>> Lady goes Ga Ga for MSX 48

>> Showtec expands MSX 48 rental stock

>> MSX 48s feature at Opera Equilibre

>> Olavarria add MSX 48s to inventory

>> Loudness Sound Rental & Services has added ARX MSX 48s

>> MSX 48s at KBS



>> ARX features at the 2009 UCI Mountain Bike + Trials World Championships



>> ARX UniMIXs installed into Cairo’s Smart Village


Iso Splitters

>> ElectroBoard install 125 AudiBox Iso Splitters

>> Electroboard go overboard with Iso Splitter Duos



>> ARX features in Voyager School Installations

>> Bond Communications install ARX Signal Processing into Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel

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