The following features have been added or improved in Listen Technology’s ListenTALK system:

• Added alert tones – Talk (double beep), Mute (single beep) in the Leader/Subleader headset
• Added a successful pair tone in the Leader/Subleader headset
• Allows venue to set the individual unit default volume level for the headset
• Allows Subleader to always broadcast regardless of the talkback mode select by the Leader
• Added Docking Station communication error codes
• Added automatic firmware update notification in ListenTALK Software Suite

The most current versions are:
• LK-1 FW: 1.05.03
• Dock/Case FW: 0.01.75
• ListenTALK Software Suite:

To take full advantage of the ListenTALK updates please download the new Software, update the Docking Stations (Tray or Case) Firmware then update the firmware in the ListenTALK units. For step-by-step instructions, download this tech note.

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