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Review by Grammy Award nominated mixing and mastering engineer Jerry Chua!
”The moment I heard the Audient ID22 I knew I will search no more. Please do yourselves a favor and check it out!!!” Check out the review here

”The ID22 is an excellent interface in every way and well worth the asking price. Having high quality D/A alone is worth the $699 asking price, but the pres and A/D are super as well.” Read the full review here

iD22 receives ANOTHER fantastic review!
”This is where things get almost a bit silly. This unit is currently priced at £450 rrp. “Bang for your buck” is an understatement. More like ’Nuke for your buck’.” Read the full review her

iD22 has been awarded ’Editors Choice’ by the brilliant ’Recording.de’!
”The sound is worth it to me.” Read more here

Great review from Red Dog Music!
”If you want to record one or two sources through some quality preamps and converters, and take control of your monitoring with one built-to-last desktop interface ….” Read more here

Richard Harriman of Cape Audio College reviewed iD22 and was very pleased with what he found:
”The iD22 is a phenomenal interface. With amazing sound quality, very usable monitor controller features and two premium mic pre’s, all in a portable and attractive format.” Read the full review here

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iD22 review

Dorry Macaulay

Emily Denton feat Swift 89


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